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Jwana's Spf 50 Sunscreen

Natural minerals found in this sunscreen form a physical barrier on the skin's surface, reflecting and scattering the sun's rays. The mineral-based formula is non-irritating and gentle, making it ideal for sensitive or reactive skin. It also contains no harsh chemicals, fragrances, or parabens, making it a safe and comfortable experience. And it blends seamlessly into the skin, leaving behind no white cast.

A New way to defeat acne and stubborn pimples

Sea Soap

Sea Soap helps unclog pores by removing excess oil, dead skin cells, and other impurities. It has anti-inflammatory properties that eliminates bacteria for a smoother appearance. This gentle, pH-balanced, non-comedogenic soap can help maintain the skin's natural moisture barrier and promote overall health. Healthy skin is less prone to acne and can heal existing blemishes more effectively.

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A Way to fight stubborn odor

Pink Soap feminine wash

This feminine soap wash is formulated to match the pH balance of the private area, which prevents the overgrowth of odor-causing bacteria. It is designed to to clean the external genital area gently and effectively without causing dryness and irritation. Proper hygiene is critical in preventing infections that can lead to bad odor, so start here with the Pink Soap!

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Enhance your bath experience with

Bath Boms

The bath bombs are not only for fun, but they also include rose essential oils, which give the skin a longer pleasant smell.

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